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FPC flexible circuit board (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) is a flexible circuit board, made of flexible, folding and bendable polyamide film. It is usually composed of a conductive copper foil layer, an insulating layer and an adhesive layer, and has good impact resistance and flexibility resistance. FPC soft circuit boards are widely used in electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, cameras, automotive electronics, etc.

Compared with the traditional rigid circuit board, FPC soft circuit board has the following advantages:

1. Small size: FPC soft circuit boards can be customized into various shapes and sizes according to needs, suitable for the needs of various small electronic devices.

2. Light and soft: FPC soft circuit board is very thin, can be bent and folded, adapt to complex assembly environment, and save space.

3. High reliability: FPC soft circuit board adopts solderless connection method, which reduces the number of solder joints, reduces the failure rate, and improves the reliability of the product.

4. Good conductive performance: The conductive layer of FPC soft circuit board is made of copper foil material, which has good conductive performance and can transmit high-speed signals and high-frequency signals.

Good reusability: FPC soft circuit board can be bent and folded repeatedly, not easy to break, and can be reused many times.

In the field of mobile phones, FPC soft circuit boards are widely used in key components such as motherboards, displays, and camera modules. Due to its high flexibility and bendability, it can provide more innovation space in mobile phone design to meet the continuous pursuit of mobile phone manufacturers for mobile phone appearance.

In the field of automotive electronics, FPC soft circuit boards are used to connect on-board electronic equipment, such as navigation systems, audio equipment, and driving assistance systems. Due to the complex automobile environment and large vibration, the high reliability and impact resistance of FPC flexible circuit boards are very important.

In addition, FPC soft circuit boards are also widely used in medical equipment, aerospace and other fields. With the continuous progress of science and technology, FPC soft circuit board technology is also constantly improving, the future is expected to achieve higher density, higher speed and better flexibility.

In short, FPC flexible circuit boards play an important role in electronic devices due to their unique flexibility and bendability. It not only adapts to the trend of miniaturization and thinness of electronic products, but also provides greater design freedom and reliability, which brings new possibilities for the development of electronic products.

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