Matters needing attention in the production process of membrane switch

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Matters needing attention in the production process of membrane switch

Membrane switch manufacturers will always pay attention to the production of membrane switches in the process of producing membrane switches. Only in this way can problems be solved in time when problems are found, thus avoiding waste of materials and delaying the completion date. So, what should membrane switch manufacturers pay attention to in the production? Here we come to understand.


What matters should be paid attention to in the production process of membrane switch:

1. Is the appearance of the film dirty? Sometimes the liquid medicine and the rail roller may cause the appearance of the film to be stained, which will affect the quality of the printing plate.

2. Questions about alignment: whether the positioning points and corner lines are complete, and whether each film is strictly aligned. In addition, because of the drawing of the film and the accuracy error of the image typesetting machine, the monochrome version produced later and the version produced before cannot be strictly aligned. All the film must be output together, otherwise the color may not be accurate.

3, to know the useful scale of their own planning, the film requests, such as positive yang, negative yang, positive yin, negative yin (membrane switch circuit and positive and negative printing to be extra correction), as well as the requested network cable and dot shape. If you spell the big edition, is the direction of the imposition accurate.

4. For the question of fonts, the fonts used need to be equipped with the output base. If remote fonts are used, the curves must be turned.

5. Whether the content is at fault or not usually includes whether the font has random codes, whether the graphics are color separated, whether there are static wires, whether the film has scratches, etc.

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