The characteristics of the film when making the membrane switch panel

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The characteristics of the film when making the membrane switch panel

Film is very important for film switches and film panels. Cangzhou Pengcheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. carefully selects each material during production. Only in this way can high-quality film switches and film panels be produced. When selecting materials, special attention is paid to films, which we can see from the names. So, what are the characteristics or advantages of the film when making the film switch and the film panel.


The characteristics of the film when making the membrane switch panel

1. Good weather resistance: the panel layer is the surface layer of the membrane switch exposed to the natural environment. The panel material should be able to be deformed, cracked, aged and discolored under certain natural environmental conditions.

Good dimensional stability: Membrane switches require the production of panel films, and there is no significant change in size within a certain temperature range (generally -40°C ~ 55°C).

3. Elasticity requirements: The thin panel layer is required to have a certain weak performance. At the same time, the elastic deformation of the membrane switch should be small, which can be judged by the elongation of the material. Generally speaking, the elongation is large, the elastic deformation is also large, and the elastic performance is poor.

4. good appearance: refers to the production of panel film surface flat, consistent gloss, no mechanical damage, scratches, inclusions and color spots and other surface defects.

Good chemical resistance: the panel layer will likely touch different chemicals, but for most common chemicals, such as alcohols, ethers, mineral oils should have a certain tolerance.

The above is about the characteristics that the membrane should have when making membrane switches and membrane panels. Only with these characteristics can we produce high-quality membrane switches. Those who need membrane switches and membrane panels can contact us.

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