Maintenance and maintenance of infrared touch screen

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Maintenance and maintenance of infrared touch screen

1. If your infrared touch screen does not work properly, observe whether the USB cable connected to the touch TV has been connected, plug and unplug the USB cable again to see if there is any effect, if there is no response, please contact the equipment provider's engineer for processing.

2, do not frequently plug the live plug, so as not to damage the machine.

3. Before performing infrared touch operation, wipe the screen of the surface display of the touch screen clean, otherwise it will affect the use effect of the touch screen.

4. When calibrating, it is calibrated in the way of ordinary people's touch habit, instead of calibrating with fingers vertically facing the calibration mark.

5, need to take good care of the touch TV screen, although the surface of the touch TV is close to the imported rigid glass, but if the man-made intentional destruction, it may damage the touch TV screen.

When cleaning the TV screen, do not use hard paper, wet, dirty ordinary cloth to clean the screen; it is recommended to use a clean, soft cloth to clean.

7. Q: If the infrared touch screen is not sensitive to double-click, how to solve it?

A: Start the touch screen program interface and lower the sensitivity of the mouse. The lower the sensitivity, the more sensitive it is;


Q: If the infrared touch screen does not respond, how to solve it?

A:① Check whether the plugs of the connecting line are connected correctly and firmly.


Reinstall the driver, or use the general version of the driver.

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