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About us

Enterprise culture

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Business philosophy

People-oriented, integrity management, the pursuit of excellence, create a win-win situation
Note: The company pays attention to the cultivation of talents and team building, adheres to the honest and trustworthy management style, and adheres to high-quality product quality and service, with a view to the win-win and development of enterprises, customers, employees and society.

Quality Policy

Quality first, reputation first, scientific management, continuous improvement
Note: Quality first is to establish the awareness of survival by quality and development by quality, and to provide customers with high-quality goods and fast and punctual services; reputation is to focus on customers, be honest and abide by the contract, and act in accordance with the law., To meet customer requirements and expand market share; scientific management means to do every job well with a scientific attitude and rigorous style, to do everything right; continuous improvement is to meet and strive to exceed customer expectations and requirements in the spirit of meticulous and continuous improvement in the fierce market competition, with a view to improving and achieving excellence.

Picture Name
Picture Name

Lunfeng Icon Description

The shape is composed of five main lines, at the same time in the shape of a gear ring, each two main lines constitute a herringbone, each type ring interlocking, forming a hollow pentagon. The colors are light and dark, slightly darker on the left and slightly lighter on the right. The whole icon is a circle and the inside is a square.

artistic conception and connotation:

All over the world are the artistic conception of the five main lines, one of which represents all the staff of Lunfeng, and the other four contain talents from all over the world. The five-sided room shape formed by each of the two main lines is precisely the meaning of recruiting talents. The top of the enterprise also happens to be a herringbone. It is difficult for the enterprise to maintain without people, which also means that the enterprise needs talents. It is also because of the talent to build a common learning, common growth, common wealth of the home. Reflects the Lunfeng people-oriented concept, the attitude of excellence. The meaning of the outer square and inner circle of the icon is very profound, representing Lunfeng's moral of being upright, wise and broad-minded. The icon looks like a speeding wheel, which has a long history and never stops. Lunfeng will run to China and fly out of Asia.

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