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Shenzhen city,  Guangdong province, China

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Shenzhen Lunfeng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lunfeng”) is an enterprise engaged in production, sale and service of all kinds of rating plates, nameplates, membrane switches, acrylic lenses, crystal epoxy, touch screens, label papers and hot press/injection molding thermosetting composite materials ( BMC / SMC).


Founded in 1995, Lunfeng has over 6,000 square meters of modern plants in both Bao’an Hengfeng Industrial City and Shajing Venture Industrial Park of Shenzhen City. With a team of experienced technology developers and production workers, Lunfeng boasts a large dust-free screen printing workshop, automatic screen printers, CNC engraving machines, NC cutting machines, 500-ton special presses and 218-ton injection molding machines, plus modern production equipment, detection devices and infrastructure like punching machine, milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, etc. Its annual capacity has reached over 150 million pieces of nameplates. After years of development, its top-line product and considerate service have won growing and widening praise of the industry. Besides, the company maintains long-term cooperation with hundreds of enterprises in Shenzhen, Dongguan, as well as Europe, America and Southeast Asia. And, it has provided products and services for Samsung, Nokia, Mitsubishi, TCL and other well-known brands, and was rated as Excellent Supplier by many partners. Today, Lunfeng, with a high reputation in screen printing industry and BMC products industry, outshines its peers in the manufacturing of rating plates with its outstanding image and brand.


Adhering to the management tenet of “Honesty-based, Quality-focused”, Lunfeng has gained the considerable benefits both economically and socially, and successively won a number of awards and honorary titles issued by the governments. Moreover, to enhance its quality management and gear itself to the international standards, Lunfeng has passed the certification of ISO9001 International Quality Management System as early as in 2001. Meanwhile, the whole enterprise manages the production and controls the quality in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Management standards, thus, improving its strength and image.


Goal of Lunfeng people: Promote a reputation in customers, build a brand and create a brilliant future by virtue of its first-class products.


Shenzhen Lunfeng Technology Co., Ltd.










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